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My Information

Servers: Azuremyst, Nazjatar, Zangarmarsh, Zul'jin

Alliance Characters

Bluediablo (Calm like a Bomb)90Night ElfHunter8940
Cynnical (None)85Night ElfDruid8940
Sheldor (None)82GnomeRogue8940
SilverDiablo (None)80DraeneiDeath Knight8940
Whitediablo (None)72HumanMage8940
Zeldorf (Starfleet)60DwarfPriest460
Greybeard (The Elite Order)56HumanPaladin8940
DrWolfington (Graveyard Farmers)30WorgenWarlock8940
Degoat (None)18HumanRogue0

Total characters: 9
Total Levels Gained: 573

Horde Characters

Degoat (Wild Things)90TrollShaman9305
MagicDeath (Wild Things)90Blood ElfMage9305
Kongfu (Wild Things)90PandarenMonk9305
Percoset (Wild Things)86Blood ElfPaladin9305
Meatboy (Wild Things)85OrcDeath Knight9305
Sublimey (Wild Things)82GoblinPriest9305
Maninthebox (Real Horde of Genius)81UndeadWarlock9305
Reddiablo (None)55Blood ElfWarlock580
Ecartman (None)41TaurenHunter9305
Rockntroll (None)33TrollDruid9305
Gorko (None)20OrcHunter0

Total characters: 11
Total Levels Gained: 753

Additional Notes

I began playing World of Warcraft in December of 2007. I started with the free 10-day trial of the original version of the game. In February of 2008, I purchased 'The Burning Crusade' add on and started working with my Horde characters. Bluediablo was my first Level 80 character, but Degoat (Nazjatar) was my first Level 85 toon.